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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fairgrounds, football and fun

The weekend was all sorts of fun... and by fun, I mean I let loose and gave my diet the bird.

Saturday morning, I wanted to make my family a sweet, fall breakfast. I made Angela's Starbucks inspired Pumpkin Scones The hilarious part is that I also forgot to add sugar, just like she warned against (d'oh!)... I sprinkled sugar on them in the oven and then dipped the suckers in the glaze. I thought they were the best, my son liked them too and helped finish daddy's.

After breakfast, our friends picked Scott and me up for an adult-only double date! We went to the Puyallup Fair, one of the 12 largest county fairs in the country. It was a surprisingly hot and sunny day on it was the last weekend of the fair, so this place was packed! We didn't even look toward the rides, instead we found the product vendors, where I bought some pepper jelly. We also ate non-stop. I think I ate the least- bbq and a piroshki. Checking out the livestock was fun. The pigletts were adorable and I think I've seen every cross-species of chicken known to man.

Ever since the Puyallup Fair first opened up the Wine and Beer garden, we found it to be our tradition to plant ourselves in there for a few hours. It was nice to try a few brews we hadn't heard of before. I tried 2 of them- Firestone Walker Solace, which is an unfiltered wheat ale of some sort. It was kind of spicy but also tasted a bit like mango?

Trade Route Cheiftain Amber Ale. I liked this one ok, but it didn't have quite as much flavor as the other. We noticed that the "plastic cups" are the corn by-product cups. I think more and more places are using these.

These guys were here last year and I don't know why... but this year, I simply had to get my picture taken with some Thai Fighters and Storm Troopers...

Sunday was football Sunday. It was a great game and despite being chock-full of technical plays and challenges, the Seahawks put on a great game and gave us a bit of hope for the season. I think we grabbed every last bit of junk food from the kitchen and tossed in on the table. I hope to better plan snacks for next time we watch the game at our house... We did have some Rogue Dead Guy Ale, which they were out of when we visited the brewery a few weeks ago in Portland.

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  1. Totally jealous you went to the Fair. First time I missed it since forever but I just couldn't bring myself to go and not be tempted by the food. I probably would have been okay but just the thought of having to put so much processing into was enough to keep me away.

    Damn scones (not yours - which look delicious btw but the Puyallup you can eat just one. Sheesh)