December's Goal: 3 miles/day

Friday, December 3, 2010


We have a month before the health and fitness world goes nuts for New Years... But why wait until resolution time to start setting personal goals?

A very lovely lady at Fat Girl vs World set up a community online spreadsheet to track our individual goals. She calls this #GTD or Going The Distance.

#GTD is a monthly goal setting tracker where we can track progress on any goal we set
*How many ounces of water I drank everyday this month?
*How many calories did I burn?
*How many miles can I run this month?
(my goal of *How much boozin' did I do? caught a couple chuckles...)

In the summary, you can see your personal progress for the month and compare it to your buddies (I'm at 5% to goal- Don't Judge!). Sure, some people drop out, but others are in it to 'Go The Distance'.

In addition, with the twitter hashtag #DecGTD we share how we are making steps to reach these goals. By reading into them (and by snooping on the other player's personal spreadsheets), I've learned a great variety of individual goals people have set for themselves. As I progress in developing my own personal goals and accountability, may mimic some goals I've seen some of these guys and girls have set. I also love how #GTD is a monthly challenge, in this, I may choose a different 'resolution' each month.

More to come...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Burn off the Turkey

I haven't posted in a while... never did a Thanksgiving post... been sick...

Oh well, I just need to find the time then!

Just wanted to get in a really quick post:

Now that Turkey-Day is over, the thoughtful folks at WorkSmart Labs, the developers for my all time favorite app CardioTrainer, have put together a widget to help visualize what it takes to work off your Thanksgiving dinner.

It is said that Thanksgiving meal is roughly 3000 calories on average. This widget sits on my home screen, a beautiful steaming turkey... Then as I workout using my CardioTrainer app (which calculates my time, pace, distance, calories burned, etc), it takes the calories I burned and subtracts it from this 3000 calorie goal. Then my turkey transforms as though I'm consuming it.

^Mine only transformed from being steaming hot to having a knife shoved into it... That's how far my lame, sicky-recovery 2 mile run got me.

This had me thinking: What if I could set up all my goals into something visual? I would love it if they generated customizable options in this fashion. Example: For every beer I drink, I can put a widget on my phone to burn off an additional 170 cals or so. Hmmm... me likey