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Friday, October 22, 2010

Dried Figs: A newb guide from a newb

Ah, delishious fiber... I seem to be on a fiber kick lately. I realize that all the food I keep on my "work noms shelf" (<- I should make a sign!)is all high in fiber.

I bought this little bag of dried figs

And I don't know about you, but I'm like most who have only had figs while incased in yellow cake. (mmm... yellow cake...)
I'll also admit that I've never seen a dried fig before (or a fresh one for that matter). This is what they look like

And since I only know figs as a gooey, seedy filling, I wasn't sure how to eat them. They have wrinkly skin and a stem...

May sound geeky, but I googled it. "how do I eat dried figs"
I got a bunch of recipes. ugh. But I did see one site say that you can eat them just like raisins.

Mighty big raisin. Instead of popping the whole thing in my mouth I opted for a slow disection

(and yes, I'm wearing a snuggie... it gets really cold at my work!)
The outside is really chewy. And the first taste wasn't very pleasant. Then I got to the little gooey, poppy seeds that I remember from the cookie/cakes!

See the little buggers?
Now it tastes familiar. In fact, I really liked it. It really reminded me of eating those little yellow cakes.

BTW, I don't recommend eating the stems.

These little guys are 110 calories for 4 figs and hace 20% of your daily intake of dietary fiber. Your colon will thank you.

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