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Friday, October 29, 2010

Restaurant Review: Pita Pit

For lunch Friday, I escaped the office and met Scotty. I also ran a few errands: Get my paycheck and deposit it. I'm still a temp-to-permanant worker (*shakes fist at economy*), but my boss is cool enough and has the motto "as long as you get your sh!t done, I don't care what ya do"

We were going to go to The Office, a local bar, but true to form, I forgot my ID... I don't carry a purse and I don't go anywhere I would need my ID without Scotty, so I usually keep it in HIS wallet.

We opted for faster food anyway and hit Pita Pit.

I would've taken a picture of the outside, but there isn't much of one. Despite it being a franchised company and the other locations I've driven by had big colorful signs, this location in downtown Tacoma has only a non-descript circular sign with the name and that's it.

I'll start with the things I don't like about the franchise:
-The meat is pre-prepared. Granted, they have a big ol' flat grill where they 'cook' it in front of you, but they still take preportioned, preseasoned, precooked and wrapped meat and just toss it on a hot grill and move it around until its warm. I can't complain too much about that, its still a step up from Subway's 'Eat Fresh' from a microwave.
-The annoying, named mascots.

It's like the Chuck-E-Cheese of healthy dining! If I put a quarter in the wall, will they sing for me?

Now the good things:
-Price is decent. I paid $6.95 for mine.
-The size!

^That's about half of it. They tear half of the wrapping off if you eat there. I was holding high up on it to hold the insides in.
-The taste and freshness. The vegis were fresh and crispy. The tzatziki was delicious and the soulvaki was flavorful.

-Their Website have a very in-depth nutritional information tool. Since you pick your own ingredients (and the staff has a specific measurment of each they put in), they set up a "build your own" nutrional information label. This was mine.

I could've built a much healthier pita, I'm sure. This one has a great calorie count (552) for a full lunch, but the sodium is enormous- I blame the soulvaki that I really really wanted.
I really would recommend Pita Pit for a fast food alternative for healthy eating. A wheat garden pita with hummus and all the vegis your heart desires will yield under 350 calories and 450mg of sodium 0 cholesterol and 9g of fat, which is much healthier than my choice.
They also do breakfast! They prepare scrambled egg pita-rittos. I haven't tried one yet, but I'm sure that they taste better than a microwaved piece of egg, but the calorie counts are about 500+

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  1. I miss Pita Pit! There was one in Rochester (where I grew up and went to college) and one in Ithaca, where my hubby went to college. Nothing here by me in NJ now. I'm not a vegetarian, but I liked getting just a hummus pita with lettuce, tomato, etc. They were good and cheap!