December's Goal: 3 miles/day

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting back on track- WTF!

Yesterday, I updated from my last post (where I left off on a cliff hanger about the Heart Walk weeks ago-then I disappeared off the face of the Earth).

Now the excuses:
I think I kind of gave up, given all my distractions.

I haven't done p90x in maybe a month.
Why? Because the basement where I did my workouts was taken over and I have no room. I used to try and squeeze my kids next to me and they can workout with me (and try not to kick them in the crampped space) so I don't miss out on time with them. But even before Scott gave himself more room to fit his video equipment, it was a tight fit, now I don't think I can safely workout down there at all. Sad day...

I'm not riding my bike.
Why? It's frikken COLD! I stocked up on warm weather workout clothes... whoops. And its darker in the mornings now and I don't have a light on my bike.

I haven't been blogging.
Why? Well... despite having seemingly millions of computers in the house, they are always taken... Last night, I finally asked for the netbook back. I'm going to keep it too.

I'm still eating somewhat well, with a few distractions (Octoberfest and weekends).

I need to kick my excuses in the pants and say "WTF!" This isn't the active lifestyle I was expecting. I don't want to go through life feeling like my family is holding me back, that just sucks. I deserve to do the things I want too, don't I? But you know, sometimes it feels like I'm always serving eveyone else, and when I'm not, all I want to do is relax (or celebrate).

Scott has his hobby, which takes him away from us almost everyday of the week, leaving me to do homework with the kids and get the rest of the house in order. Then when he isn't doing that, we are always in a mad rush to get all the week's chores done in the short, short time we have, it isn't fair. To either of us.

I'm so stressed lately and feel like I won't ever get to regularly commit to something I'm passionate about- that everyone else's needs will come before mine. I feel like I need more and more of these...

Well, F* it! I'm getting back on track. I'm going to get back on this blog to keep me accountable.

Excuse #1: Can't find time or space to workout. WTF! Yes I can. When kids go to bed, I can go for a bike ride. Sure its getting dark, but there's adventure in that. Maybe I'll try running for the first time... err... maybe.

Excuse #2: Biking to work. I'm lazy, there I said it. Its dark, cold, early... hit snooze, warm bed... WTF! No, I have to get my sorry butt outta bed. I have the Cardio Trainer App on my phone and I plan to put some miles on it.

I'm going to get back on track, I'm telling my excuses- WTF!

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