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Friday, October 29, 2010

World's Most Annoying Orange Eater

Happy Friday!

I'm in a state of realizing that I've done very little to prepare for Halloween... I'm about to have a very busy weekend.

Last night after, yet another, healthy dinner, Scotty and I took a night walk with the dogs. We are terrible dog owners, to be honest. They are mostly outdoors except at night and they aren't really trained well for walking. We have 2 dogs and they get really jealous of each other and if I tried taking both by myself, they would be a tangled mess. If I take just Riley, Murphy gets depressed for the rest of the day. If I take Murphy, Riley gets hyper and excessively pushy for extra attention.
I think its important that I need to walk them more often. Last night, I had Riley and he kept wanting to look at murphy and was veering in front of me so I'd accidently kick him or step on his toes... (Its a good thing dogs can't ballroom dance)

The word gets around well at my office that I'm a nerd. One of my coworkers runs a family business where they specialize in Silver Age comics. A while back I shared my interest in Marvel Comics and how I almost took comics as a career, but in the great scheme of life, I sold my collection and picked a delightfully duller, yet more dependable career.
So in the morning, I was gifted with these:

They are reader copies of Marvel Comics from the 50s. Before Marvel had superheros, they published horror genre comics. How fun. :)

To celebrate Friday, I decided today was a great day to dust off the ipod

The monkey has speakers in the form of headphones he wears. My sister bought him for me and I absolutely love it. The volume doesn't get super loud, but this is perfect for listening to music in my office. My office is next to a conference room, so it cracks me up with people give me funny looks. They go in to a meeting while I'm thrashing to Japanese Death Metal at low volumes then they exit the meeting seeing me lip-synch to Pop.

So ok then, I had an orange saved for a snack and I came to realize that I'm an incredibly picky and annoying citrus eater. After about 15 minutes, my orange looks like this

I sat there with a plastic butter knife cutting all the rind and white stuff off of it... The only part I like on an orange is this

The pulp. I'm like this with all citrus fruit. My bartender knows this: Hefeweizen with lemon and a cup for the lemon rinds when she is done scraping the pulp out with her teeth. Classy, that's me.
I know there is no wrong way to eat a Reeses, I take this slogan with my fruit too.

Speaking or Reeses... I really need to get my butt in gear for Halloween.

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  1. That is too funny! And glad to see the monkey is still getting some use.
    I don't know about ballroom dancing dogs, but the MARENGUE on the other hand!!