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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Restaurant Review: Two Busy to Cook

Two Busy to Cook is a local catering service to Tacoma, WA. They aren't actually a sit-down restaurant.

My work scheduled a meeting during the lunch hour so they called these gals up to provide us with some boxed lunches.

I think we just asked for a selection of random sandwhich lunches, but their online order form allows buyers to select their options. (OMG, Nanaimo bars!) They even offer a breakfast menu for morning meetings.

Mine came with:
Turkey sandwhich on wheat with cheese
pasta salad
2 cookies (peanut butter and white chocolate macadamia nut)
Apple Slices (mmm, calcium sorbate...) with lowfat caramel dipping sauce

(it was a full-sized sandwhich, but I ate half of it before the meeting ended and I saved the other half just for this pic...then nommed it immediately afterward)
The pasta salad was ok.. ok, it was delicious... I was already full so I tossed it (I was still trying to grab noodles and stuff them in my mouth with my fingers while they were in mid-flight to my garbage can)
The apples I saved for my last meeting of the day and the chips and cookies can go home to my kiddos.

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