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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Halftime Show I'll Remember for a Lifetime

This may be a few days late to report, but I still need to report it :)

Date: October 24th, 2010
Place: The Ram in Tacoma, WA on the Ruston Way Waterfront

This is our hangout. We come here to feel at home, away from home. They have fantastic beer that they brew on site

The staff knows us by name. (The Cheers jokes run thick...) This Sunday, Scotty made them a Jack-o-Lantern

There is a lot that I love about coming here. I feel at home here and able to relax without the uptight feel of a formal dining experience.

On this last Sunday, we came to watch NFL football with my sister, her husband and our friend, Nate.
Little did I know, this was not a regular football game.
During Halftime, the manager asked Scotty to take a look at their TV controls. It made sense, he had fixed some stuff for them before it just so happened that it was a windy day and their dish kept crapping out on the big screen.
I was explaining to my sister how well they treat us here and give us a lot of trust, much like how my sister gets treated at their local bowling alley where they play leagues. (I also mentioned how bad Scotty is at bowling...ouch)

And then! I hear Scotty's voice. I look over and there he is on the 10 foot tall TV... Talking about me. On Sunday, October 24th, my sweetie proposed to me. Nate had his phone video taping my reaction I remember shaking and all I wanted to do was hug Scotty.

Scotty and I started dating April 14th, 2007. We moved in together June of the same year, including moving in his mother at the same time and out 3 children. Needless to say, right off the bat it was hard. But, you know what? We found that there is nothing we can't overcome and we find more reward and joy in mapping our life journey together.

We have a wonderful life. We have 3 beautiful, funny, and smart kids

And there are so many things I love about my husband-to-be.
He is passionate. About his family, about his hobbies... There is nothing that he does with a shrug.
He is nerdy and funny. Very important in my book. I'm proud to say that my guy doesn't follow the social norm. He can blend in really well because he is so social and outgoing... but deep down, he is my nerd. He gets excited when he sees all the new Star Wars toys, plays X-box, reads sci-fi fantasy, and he is getting very popular in the Android smartphone community... yep, MY nerd.

(forgive me for posting that pic!)
We have fun together. He is my best friend and I am his. We found that a lot of couples, although they love each other, they don't really spend a whole lot of time together. We find that we have more fun together. We have different hobbies and interests, but I think that keeps us interesting. We enjoy having our little adventures together

Who's the best guy ever?

^This guy!

I feel very thankful with the turn my life is taking. I feel ready for this next step in our life together. Ready for trust, ready for more ups and downs, ready for forever.

I'll always remember this halftime show, and I thank him for giving me such a fantastic memory.

I also want to thank the Seattle Seahawks for their 22-10 win over the Arizona Cardinals. ;)

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