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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun Family Fall Activities: Pumpkin Patch

I highly encourage anyone to visit their local pumpkin patch, there is so much to take from the experience and I can't ever again bring myself to the laziness of shuffling through the buckets of pumpkins at the local Safeway.

We packed up the youngins and headed to Marris Farms for a day of fun in the mud. One of the first things we did was visit the animals

(the kiddies don't appreciate the humor of calling them nuggets, bacon bits, and lamb chops... oh well, I digress)

We watched them make kettle corn, pumpkin cannons, pedal car races, etc. I couldn't capture pictures of it all because Little Duder was trying to direct us to the corn maze and nothing else... In fact, he was so adamant about it that he almost got ran over by this

The maze was downhill, and we saw a "Miner's Slide" that we used as a shortcut


We waited in line to get into the maze and listened to the instructions and rules

"Well THAT'S no fun!"

We were given the choice of what kind of clues to use for navigating the maze, my sweetie let me choose the clues, so I went with "Health and Fitness" (of course). Then off we went!

Oh yeah... our feet were muddy.
We grabbed two wheelbarrels and headed for the hills full of pumpkins, left with 7 pumpkins of various sizes (3 of them were as big as Little Duder!)

That was our adventure. Next step is the carving and roasting of seeds, I can't wait!

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  1. Looks like a really fun day. We took our kids to a cotton agricultural fair a couple of weekends ago - it was a lot of fun - but no pumpkins! :(