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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My new favorite pass-time

My new favorite pass-time is wandering the grocery stores... I do a lot of food-related window shopping. Wishing I could have these new, healthier, different foods at home. But sadly, my family doesn't like change. And they don't like things that are low fat, low cholesterol, or things with grains...

So, I may not eat too well at home, but I'm great at doing it at work! I wander the store and buy some fresh produce for just me, or continue to daydream about how something would taste for dinner... I have a lot of staple foods in my office, but I'll go and buy produce one item at a time so they don't go bad. The checkstand must hate ringing me up for a single tomato.

Yesterday, I wandered into SuperSupplements for the first time. Oh my, I'm coming back here soon! I found something I've been wanting for a long time! Chia Seeds!

This morning, I went across the street from my usual Safeway on the way to work and entered Metropolian Market. Its a local grocery to the Seattle/Tacoma area. They also have an espresso stand. I had the nice ladies whip me up an americano-

and I briefly wandered the store before I had to rush out to work. Man, what a great americano... Nice to have a non-starbucks option. They have a great selection of produce, not as large as my local Tacoma Boys, but still fresh and diverse. I also enjoy that they have a bulk grain section. I plan on picking up some steel cut oats soon.

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