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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The candy drawer: before and after Halloween

I came home early from work today to take my MIL(to be) to see her pulminoligist. That went well. And when I got home, Scotty had lunch waiting for me.

Lol, a bit overdone? Its a hoagie roll with roast beef that was cooked in french onion soup. And mozzarella on top. It was very yummy. I forgot to add some peppercinnis, but it hit the spot.

After lunch, Scotty offered the idea that we take a bike ride. YAY! We took a 2.5 mile casual ride to the gas station to fill up his tires. Had a few chuckals because my bike seat has holes and soaks up rain water (I looked like I peed myself). After we got home, I dropped him off and went back out, wet butt and all, to complete a quick 5.5 miles before the kids got home.

Since MIL and I were out for the afternoon, she just wanted to do a quick spaghetti. I found some Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta on sale and thought it was adorable.

I got funny looks from my honey because I was taking a pic of my dinner...mmm, reisling...

Project Candy Drawer:
Bags of Halloween candy on my coffee table= bad grubby fingers. Not from the kids, from ME! I knew I had to get it out of sight. Our home has 3 kids and 3 snack-loving adults. We don't have a whole lot of space, so we use an extra drawer in the pantry for candy and individual-sized snacks.


Hey, grubby fingers, get out!
Other brilliant, anti-candy idea I had was to start finding my favorite candies and doling them out to my kids. They aren't complaining. :) Mom of the year

I'm really enjoying the unexpectedly warm, dry weather here in the Pacific NorthWest! I plan to ride into work in the morning (if I can keep the snooze button out of reach!). Should be the last dry day for a while.

I invited the kids to take an evening walk (in the spooky dark). I didn't think it would work and that Little Duder would drag his feet and complain. To my surprise, he didn't. We did a very very slow 1.3 miles, and it was his bedtime, but he didn't want to go home. We talked about the upcoming holidays and what our favorite parts are.

I ask: "What is you favorite part of Christmas" I totally expect the duet to scream PRESENTS!!!

Little Duder: "Making Christmas Ornaments"
Squeaker: "Spending time with family"
Both: "Oh, and hot chocolate!"

I don't see why we have to wait until Christmas for hot chocolate... Do you?

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