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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Joined a Bowling League...

I'm not a bowler, but I do enjoy the game. My sister and her husband are on a team and needed another player for the so I signed up. I enjoy that I get to do something active and gets me out of the house at least once a week.

On Sunday, we took the kids for practice.

They had a blast and Little Duder kicked their butts (he had help)

Afterwards, we went to my sister's house to watch football and munch on chips & ugly dip (probably the tastiest yet unhealthiest concoction known to man)
Oh, and taught the kiddos Battleship

Monday nights are League night. I know very little about the game to be honest, so with new stats and rules in league, I just grabbed on to my little sis's coattails and was along for the ride.
One of our teammates didn't show, so we had a floater join for the day. A floater is a player who isn't on a team, so they fill in on any team for the missing player. This guy was GOOOD- he threw 7 strikes in a row then finished with a 258 score.

My brother-in-law grew up around bowling, so he is a natural.

He carries 3 bowling balls with him. Each one is weighted different so he can change the curve and spin. I want to compare the reasoning of it to golf, but its not the same as me throwing a 9-iron down the lane.

I was told that "If I were to pick a day to play poorly, this would be the day" Reason for it: to establish my handicap. So if I sandbag, my handicap would be lower and I can finish the league strong... Do I follow advise well? Nope. My first game ended up being my best score of all time... 113. I think before that, my highest was 86 or so. (Told ya I'm not a bowler) At the end of the night, I had a 95.6 AVG.

They bring cutest-baby with them to games and of course he is still perfect and doesn't cry or throw fits.

Seeing my sister and her husband at the bowling alley is similar to seeing me at The Ram. Everyone knows them there- EVERYONE. 24 lanes with 5 people on each= a lot of love. People were hugging, high-fiving the people they competed with, laughing, throwing back drinks, and passing the baby around. We almost lost him a few times.

Then there is me, no one knows me. But everyone knows me. huh? My sis and I got the 'twin-sideshow' reaction all day. Being shy, it was hard having people study our faces in wonderment, but it was also rather funny to see the reactions.

We have a few theories on why I played my best last night, because its certainly not because I practiced the day before...
Theory 1: Feeling the competitive pressure of being around seasoned players
Theory 2:


  1. I like theory two! lol!
    You're right about the ugly dip. Certainly not something to eat on a regular basis.
    We had fun!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! What a beautiful family!

    I love bowling!! I suck at it but I love it!! ;)

  3. I saw your comment and your blog name made me laugh. So, I just HAD to stop by and check out YOUR blog... I'm following now!

  4. Same with Java Joggers. Your blog url is pretty catchy =)