December's Goal: 3 miles/day

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trying to fight Halloween Candy Urges

Fact: I'm getting married soon.

Fact: I love candy.

I mentioned last night that I have having difficulty keeping my hands out of the kid's candy bags... I was shovelling candy in into my (blackhole of a) mouth all day long.

That's one holiday down and 2 more to go. I'm not doing well so far. And since I'd like to look fit and healthy in my wedding dress, I decided I need to have a game plan.

Water. Preplanned meals. More activity. These are things I need to work on.

Water is easy, I take down water like a champ. I think my boss calls me Princess Pees Alot, but oh wells its worth it.

Preplanned meals are easy-ish. I plan my work meals (edit: I go buy a piece of produce and call it planned) but my mother-in-law to be usually cooks our dinners. I'll plan out snacks and try and keep my grubby lil fingers off the kids candy. I'm probably going to empty their bags into the snack drawer (yes, we have one) tonight, outta sight outta mind sorta deal...

Activity. This will hopefully get a lot easier. I'm joining a bowling league on Monday nights and that will get me out of the house for a few hours. I'm also looking into other activities (more details later)

I'm going run a quick experiment to take pics of everything I eat. Then I can go back and review it. (and maybe I will be less apt to eat 4 Reeses PB cups right before bed if I have to post it up here...)


I always have my morning coffee. I probably won't take pics of that everyday... or the giant amounts of water either. That Burt's Bees is my all-time favorite! It happens to be chapped lip season, so make sure its close by. (Look honey, this one didn't wind up in my pocket in the dryer! ...yet)

10:00am- Breakfast

A D'Anjou pear and a non-descript cereal bar. At work, I keep it simple. I don't like keeping food in the fridge because its crowded and stuff disappears. I'm also really bad at remembering to bring home my dirty tupperware.

That's all for now. I'm leaving work early today so I need to get my work done. I'll be taking my MIL(to be) to the doctor.

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