December's Goal: 3 miles/day

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear Paula Deen,

The holidays are here, in some ways it came too early

^That was my parkinglot at work. I don't recall Pierce County ever getting this much snow in November, in fact, its rare for us to get snow at all before Christmas.

With the sudden cold weather and an email from the school stating that they will be closed due to "inclement weather", looks like I won't be going to work tomorrow. Wha hoo! Lets celebrate!

With 2lbs of butter!

Hot Buttered Rum Mix
Makes approximately 16 cups, serving size is 2 tbs (translation- enough drink mix to swim in..)
I made a large batch of this so that I can gift it out just in time for the holidays.

What you will need:
2lb butter
2lb brown sugar
2lb powdered sugar
1.5 quart vanilla ice cream (softened-ish.., consistency of yogurt)
Tbs cinnamon
tsp nutmeg/ginger or equally yummy spice

^can you tell I estimated?

Step 1. Melt Butter, remove from heat
Step 2. Add sugars and spice, mix until smooth
Step 3. Fold in soft ice cream
Step 4. Pour into containers and freeze

That's it! pretty simple huh?

For whatever reason (on sale!), I used "no sugar added" ice cream...

As if it makes a lick of difference... but its awfully hilarious that I added it to 6lbs of collective evil. >:)

I got about 16 cups worth of mix from this

The blue lid in front is ours, the red ones are subject to giving away (maybe).

When ready to drink, follow these directions:
In a coffee mug mix-
1-2 oz dark rum (we used bourbon tonight)
add 2TBS mix
top off with boiling water

This is certainly an indulgence drink, best after a cold day. Kids can also enjoy the mix by simply excluding the alcohol.

Please forgive me Paula Deen...


  1. That is one evil-sounding drink! Looks like the cat has been hitting it pretty hard.

  2. Yum--that sounds really, really good!

  3. Boo on the snow... but the day off from work? YAY!