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Friday, November 5, 2010

Strange Lunchdate with Sputum and Celebrity Look-a-like?

I know, gross title... but its true. I spent my lunch, scarfing down a sandwich in the van while taking my MIL (to be)'s sputum sample to the hospital lab.

Not much of a conversationalist.

She [MIL]has been having a nasty cough for months now. Doesn't help that she has a weakened immune system thanks to her chronic obstructive pulminary disease (COPD)... She was treated a few months ago for pnuemonia and then when the chest x-rays were clear of pnemonia and the cough still persisted, they treated her for broccitis. She feels better, but the cough is still there...

While at the lab, dropping my icky 'lunch buddy' off, the girl working the front desk told me I looked like the girl from Patch Adams (movie with crazy doctor Robin Williams). huhn. I was intrigued, rarely do I get my looks compared to anybody.
Turns out this actress (Monica Potter)was in a lot of popular movies-including Con Air, Saw, and is a main character in the TV series Parenthood on NBC.

I can see a slight resemblance of her when she was a bit younger, I guess.

Or I can say that I *wish* I looked like her Photoshopped Maxim spread...

I could probably find that website that gives you a celebrity look a like, but it was more exciting her hear it from someone else.

Who do people say your look-a-like is?


  1. shes on parenthood on nbc now! I can see it

  2. I can see it, especially in the eyes. Though that last one of her from Maxim doesn't look like you--or her for that matter!

  3. I enjoyed her on Boston Legal and now Parenthood!
    I don't know of any celebrity-look-alikes for myself.