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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Virtual Cross Country Trip

I've just added a 'gadget' to my blog that tracks my Virtual Cross Country Trip.

Let me explain: This summer I began commuting to work by bike. I don't ride everyday, and I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to commiting to waking early enough... But, I thought it would give me inspiration to have a visual indicator of how far I've come along since making this commitment.

Sadly, the snooze button and weather report are giving me excuses to not get out there and add milage to my goal... so, I'm revisiting this plan by adding the visual to my blog. Now ANYONE can see it and hopefully, I'll feel more compelled and accountable to it. (gotta love self-blackmail)

This is how it works:
*If I ride my bike, take a walk, attempt to jog/run. I use my CardioTrainer app and its handy-dandy GPS to tell me how far I went.
*I used Google Maps and their newer option to get recommended directions by bike.
*My goal is to go from Tacoma, WA to Lubec, ME (which is as far East as I could see before hitting the Canadian border.
*Then I go to, and follow Google's directions and trace the route until I reach my total miles.

It's easy, and all I have to do is update my map as I add mileage. I find it rewarding when I reach certain landmarks.

Just for spits & giggles, I'm testing embedding the map on my post as well. The gadget can't be seen from Google Reader, so I may occasionally update in a blog post if I reach a specific goal.


EDITED The map doesn't show in my reader, it would be helpful to know if it does in other's

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