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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Taste Review: Nile Spice Minestrone Soup

If you're like me, you are a lazy office slave and don't always bring home prepared meals for lunchtime. It can be a hassle to try and shove your food into a fridge that a couple hundred people have access to. Not to mention, you have to plan ahead (pray it still tastes ok post-nuker) and find time to cook a single-serving meal after working all day, after having dinner, helping kids with homework, battling the mess monsters, fitting in workout and beer-drinking sessions... who has the time?

I'll admit that convienience (sp?)food is... well, convienient. Unfortunately, most are unhealthy and packed in salt & preservatives. I'm not too picky about every statistic on my food labels (ignorance is bliss?).

So this is what I had:

It had good flavor and tasted like minestrone soup but it seems a bit salty to me. I added more water, then I lost the flavor... It was a hard balance. Then I saw the back of the package- 140 calories gave me 25% of my daily recommended sodium. Well. Now I know why it tasted salty. I guess that is the dilema of soups, broths are supposedly good for you but salt isn't. I was expecting more spice from my Nile Spice... I should have had the soup along with some vegis or something, I wasn't feeling full after my allotted lunch time and downed a cereal bar and fruit leather... Looking around for more now...

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  1. Soups are so tricky unless you make them yourself, which isn't always possible! The sodium content can be crazy!!