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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

We stopped in Sunday morning to The Ram to bring in some flowers for a friend who passed away there on Saturday and meet with the group to quietly remember.

I almost started crying again when I knew that the Washington Apple and half-empty drink were his...

We were determined to not let this affect our kids or ruin the holiday. Besides, we were taking the cutest baby in the world out for his first year trick or treating.

We didn't have a whole lot of preparation done, and some of it was a total fail... like my crispy eyeballs that I planned on making...

Ah hell... I'm outta time. Tried making these while cooking dinner. We managed to lose a whole package of provalone to go on hot beef sandwiches... screw it, this is good enough.

We did pumpkin carving. Scotty gave his to The Ram on the day he proposed
I didn't take pictures of all of them, but here are mine and Little Duder's

And Scotty decorated our stairs with tealights in lunch bags.

I was terrified to go out tonight, thinking a trick or treater would accidently knock them over and set our house on fire...

The kids dressed up
Baby as a tiger

Little Duder as Darth Vader

and Squeaker as a vampire

Then we just goofed off for a few and took family pics before heading out.

Scotty made some (whole milk) creamy hot chocolate to go. One thermos for the kids and auntie and a special thermos with pepermint schnopps for me and him. Cutest-Baby-in-the-World slept as soon as we started until it was time to head home. Couldn't have been more perfect (the house didn't burn down either). The kids made out like bandits too!

I ate maybe 5 of my lazy-eyeless eyeballs and 4 pieces of candy... and now I'm wishing Thanksgiving wasn't right around the corner...

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