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Monday, November 15, 2010

How to Juice a Fruit at Work

Hurray, my first 'How to' I feel like such a genius for figuring this out too.

I picked up a few mini lemons on my way to work. Lemons are great because you can use them on salads, in your tea, make sugar-free lemonade when you're sick of plain water... (and this time of year they are CHEAP!)

But how do you squeeze the juice out without getting lemon squirts in the eye, or having your hands smell like lemon all day?

Simple- Just watch.

What you will need:Lemon, knife, plastic baggie, pent-up rage.

1. Take your cheap plastic that your work provides in the lunch room and make lemon wedges.

2. Cram the lemon wedges into the baggie

3. Let out your frustrations to soften them up a little. (I highly suggest you massage them instead of pounding them like the Incredible Hulk or else the ziplock may pop open and you will have made a lemon rocket instead of juice)

4. Use the edge of your nail or the blunt end of the plastic knife to dig the pulp out (You can skip this stip if you aren't a crazy pulp monger like me)

5. If the bag is as full as mine and hard to manage, pull out the naked wedges.

And there you have it! The lemon juice of 1 mini-lemon!

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